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We are humbled to be ranked alongside other great authors in the world of spirituality, medicine, pyschology and health.

New Book

 Wang Yun’s new book Returning from Qingcheng Mountain has already reached the #1 spot in Amazon’s Hot New Releases in several categories, in the US, UK, France, Canada and Australia.

"Many Daoist meditators will end up overly attached to the physical aspect of their training, forgetting that the most important element is still the mind."

Returning from Qingcheng Mountain

Wang Yun

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The third book in

with practical advice on incorporating

Daoism into everyday life,

for a healthier mind and body

Wang Yun's Qingcheng Mountain series

1st book
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Daoist master and spiritual guide Wang Yun, telling the tales of his inner journey, which now

guides the reader on a path of healing, rejuvenation

and actualisation of the body’s innate potential.

2nd book
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In this book Wang Yun places special focus on relaxation and the breath through five sets of foundational and all-emcompasing practices--Including the fundamental methods of posting. 

This practical teaching is useful for all, whoever you are, whatever you do
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Serge Augier

Heir of Daxuan daoist tradition